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Rules and Info
Welcome to Korea Awards, an icontest that lets you icon anything Korean-related. From Kpop to Kdramas to movies, Korean celebrities, Korean manhwa, Korean video games,Korean food even. Anything you fancy! Different themes will be up each week. I also hope that this community will not just be another passive place. I encourage everyone to talk to one another, encourage someone if you like their icons and discuss something, anything. Feel free to get excited/fangirly about a particular theme you're excited about.
Since this is an icontest about Korea, I also want everyone to learn about Korea as well. So future challenges will include some culture tips ect. I look forward to your participation and hope you have fun here!

General Rules
1 You must be a member to participate
2 All icons must be Korean-related and adhere to the theme.
3 All icons must be LJ-compatible: 100x100/40kb or less; gif, png, or jpg format.
4 Each member may submit up to 3 icons.
5 All icons must be freshly made for each challenge and not be displayed anywhere else before winners are announced.
5 Animated icons are allowed unless specified

1 Submission deadline is: Saturdays 10pm PST
2 Submit icons to the screened submission post
3 Include the image url and character and font used

1 Voting ends on Mondays
2 Please vote according to given instructions, if not your vote will be discarded.
3 Do not vote for your own icons or get your friends to vote for you.

How to Submit

URL: http://photobucket.com/koreawards.png
Image source: Name of band/artists/person/thing ect.
Text Used: (If applicable) Ex: Arial Black

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and don't forget the basic rule!
Don't be rude and have fun! Hope to see everyone participating.

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